the quest for redemption

Welcome to an epic and mysterious world where humanity must face its past, present and future.


is an exciting adventure game that transports you to a fantasy world full of dangers and opportunities.

With breathtaking graphics, an immersive soundtrack and a gripping story, you'll be immersed in a world you'll never forget.


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You are in a universe where the colossi were sent to Earth to bring life. These creatures terraformed the planet for millennia, transforming it into a beautiful and prosperous world where humanity could flourish.

Over time, the colossi fell asleep after completing their mission.

However, thousands of years later, something strange happened.

The colossi suddenly awoke from their long sleep and began to malfunction, destroying everything they had previously created.

Humanity is plunged into chaos, with no hope of restoring stability.

This is where you come in as a player of “The last Colossus”. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world where two reluctant heroes must unite to save humanity in a gripping action-adventure game.


You will be in a world that approaches the Middle Ages and the industrial era, a world where advanced technologies coexist with ancestral traditions.


You will alternate between a woman and a man, each with a unique personality and fighting style, who must work together to achieve their common goal: restoring balance.

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The main character of the game is a young heroine named Amara determined to restore stability to earth by discovering the source of the colossi's corruption and finding a way to cure them.


You must adventure through beautiful and dangerous landscapes, fight fierce enemies, discover hidden secrets and solve complex puzzles to purify the corrupted colossi.


This is where you play as Alaric, an intelligent and calm mage who prefers to use his magic and cunning to solve problems rather than fight directly. He is an expert in mysticism and knows how to use all kinds of spells to help him in his quest. He is an outstanding strategist who analyzes each situation carefully before making a decision.


Throughout the game, you will alternate between these two characters, each having their own quest to complete. But as you progress through the game, you'll realize that their quests are just pieces of a larger puzzle, and that they must work together to restore peace to the Planet.


During the journey, Amara and Alaric will encounter enigmatic characters who provide them with clues and advice.

Players must use their wits and creativity to solve complex puzzles while battling fierce enemies.

A little interlude for our future adventurers: our dream cannot come true without your support. If you continue reading, you will discover detailed information about the entire game, from its universe to its mechanics. But if your gaming heart is already won and you want to help us now, click on the link below to access our crowdfunding.

Start of crowdfunding on 02/17/2024


Game Type: Action RPG

World: Exploration of a vast landscape, medieval towns, forests, dungeons, focused mainly on the discovery and confrontation of colossi and other fantastic places.

Combat :

o   Attack: Active combat system where players and enemies challenge each other.

o  Skills: Acquired by equipping items and gaining experience with those items.

o   Trance: A special mode that amplifies a character's skills when they have taken enough damage.

o   Climbing: Players climb colossi to find and hit their weak points.

Characters: Diverse team with unique skills and backgrounds, ranging from knight to mage to hunter.

Progression: Leveling up characters and learning skills using equipped items.

Vehicles: Several means of transportation, such as horses, boats, and aircraft.

Side Quests: Numerous side missions, including treasure hunting and quests related to specific characters.

Graphics: Artistic aesthetic with vast, detailed landscapes and fluid animations.